Martial Arts is a growing sport in the United States. It has huge benefits and can really help people grow as both adults and kids. If you have been considering getting started here are some reasons to help push you to start:

  • Increased Confidence- Martial arts build confidence whether you are a kid or an adult. It helps you succeed at learning new skills and builds a foundation in your body in mind on how to handle stressful situations.
  • Full Body Workout- You are constantly moving and working your body. To learn technique or spar you have to move and get the full body movement with cardio and strength conditioning.
  • Increased Flexibility– Repetitive movements like kicks or guard passing can help improve flexibility over time. Flexibility has huge benefits like posture, better movement and less pain.
  • Better Coordination- Doing things like kicks or movement drills in any martial arts helps improve your coordination in day-today tasks.
  • Self-Defense- This is a huge reason to learn martial arts. Learning a new skill that can give you the confidence to be able to protect yourself is huge. People want to be safe and have the ability to protect themselves in a stressful situation. Martial arts gives them this confidence!

If you were thinking about starting and needed a good reason to, well here was 5 reasons to start doing martial arts!