Here are some excellent tips on how to motivate yourself, even when you’ve hit a setback, are in a slump, or haven’t even begun to figure out what you want from life.

    1. Start Small-Determine the tasks necessary to reach your goal. Now divide these tasks into a series of smaller tasks. Continue this process until you’ve obtained tasks that you know you can accomplish. It’s like bite-sized chunks. When the chunks are small enough, you know you won’t be biting off more than you can chew at a time!
      • Attaining many small goals on your way to the big goal keeps you happy and motivated with constant successes.
    2. Envision results- Remembering why you’re inspired in the first place will refresh your motivation towards attaining your goal.
      • Think of how your life will be changed and improved once you achieve this goal.
    3. Focus-Focus on just one goal at a time. Even if you’re working towards improving several areas of your life, focus on each goal separately. This helps to keep you from feeling overwhelmed and prevents you from giving up before you get started. Flush out everything else from your mind, and keep your energies focused on the one goal.
      • Develop tunnel vision focus to tune out unimportant tasks and distractions.